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So, I think many of my friends have left me for Guild Wars. Those damn temptable necromancer wenches!
I will most likely join the bandwagon, though only if team Valentine love smooch doesn't get to me. Yeah, you know what the FUCK I am talking about.

Anyway, I posted something on my favorite link database http://www.linkswarm.com. It was in response to this disturbing article about what is happening to PBS:

What "left" and "right" are can be rather equivocal in a complex political spectrum.
It's interesting that since the USA is functionally a two party system that just about every perspective gets associated (somewhat inaccurately) to one of the two sides.
For instance, socialism tends to get associated with liberalism; despite that it has little to do with liberal ideas.

But what is really interesting is how little these two parties seem to be concerned about ideology. It's all about power. This SMALL group of republicans (note, they don't even represent the whole party) is attempting to control the government by EXPLOITING the large group of conservative and religious people in America.
And what is the most fundamental power one can have over a nation?
Controlling information!
This is specifically why freedom of speech/religion/etc is the first and most important amendment of the USA constitution.
This is why when ANY group of people seek to control/censor our media (public no less) it is a threat to our happiness and freedoms.

THIS is why when the public's best secondary source of information in the country, news networks, are controlled by the political ideology of the few, we are in terrible danger of losing our democracy!

What better instrument against tyranny is there than the well informed voter?

I'm a fan of public media, for the record. Originally, when PBS was implemented, we were going to have a tax on every TV set sold to help fund it, like the British do. Of course, that was dropped (those evil taxes!), and thus the indebted PBS was born.
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