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Today I'm doing a little contemplation on the value of THINGS. Perhaps you've heard of the subject matter of which is in question, or perhaps you're simply some variation of kumquat; in TRUTH there is little I can do to discern.

They, in the most basic sense of the word, are a plural form of the word THING.

HA, I see you're not following what I'm getting at. That's because... I am getting at nothing. In fact, in truth, and in Minnesota, I am simply writing the first tangible sentences that are coming to MInd.

Do you know wHY? Because of the intercontinental complexities of the universe of my room are silent to mY senses, and because I am in a peculiar mOod.

Contemplation (To the POWER of the MOONx4000): I am thinking of starting a blog with blogspot, as they allow free photoblogging. The DOWNSIDE is that the network isn't as complex as that of LiveJournal's. Of course, I never made use of that network ANYWAY, so it's not big deal.

Another contemplation (NOw with vitamin D): Trying to making a strict schedule so I can get enough sleep (I am apperantly FRAGILE, yet I am not really WEAK. PERHAps my super power is being easily offended by odors and being tired a lot.)

Did I mention I dislike cheese? ANOTHER POWER! I AM GODLIKE!

Currently my tombstone reads, "Dissatisfied, please add 25cents."
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