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That about wraps it up.

You know, there's a perfectly good reason I don't write in this. I simply have no incentive to do so as the writing itself isn't a particularly joyful process.
Most of the posters that comment in my livejournal fall into a few groups:

1.) People that are on my friends list and I know in person that make nonsensical, irrelevant, or otherwise inane commentary on the single least important part of a given writing.

2.) Anonymous writers that simply spend their time perusing random Live Journals who are more than eager to argue with me about the same topic group 1 comments on who won't even so much as give me a screen name to refer to them.

3.) People I know in person whom may or may not have their own livejournals whom, for whatever reason, post anonymously and don't even so much as leave a screen name. These posts range from interesting and relevant to simple expletives such as "BOOBIES!"

4.) The occasional person that treats the comment section in my livejournal as an extension of his/her own. These posts sound like some strange inner-monologue and would actually make more sense as a new post in their own livejournal than as a completely unrelated comment in mine.

5.) People that write interesting and at the very least complimentary posts. Recently this species has gone on the endangered species list and scientists speculate possible extinction in the xiin livejournal habitat.

In other news, eXeem is stupid.
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