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I am suffocating.

I would say that I am on the verge of never posting here again, were Live Journal not completely free.
I don't really have anyone in my friends list that really posts much anymore, and I don't really feel compelled to find new friends. I'm never really in the mood to write in this, and when I do, it is usually a form of my usual procrastination.
I'm sick of reading those damn quiz things people keep posting in their journals as if someone actually gave a damn about their utterly meaningless results. I would honestly prefer a single sentence posted over one of those quizzes. Well, people can do what they feel like in their free and ill-read Live Journal entries, but as fair warning my friends list is no longer going to tolerate inane, multi-choice dribble.
Not that anyone cares. Most people, despite whether they have a LJ account or not, post anonymously regardless; of which almost none of them even bother to put a screen name. Depending on whether this keeps up, or if anyone even reads my LJ anymore, I may disable anonymous posting. Why do I announce this? Because I have nothing else to write, really.

On the other hand,

I think I may go completely crazy. Things that I need to work on in no particular order.

  • Exercise!

  • I need to join something or do something before I go crazy!

  • Sleep better.

  • The biggest cause of my procrastination is my constant exhaustion (there may be a few causes for this, but I'll start with the readily fixable ones)

  • Plan out food stuff.

  • I think I should try to start being economical with meals eat out less.

  • Conquer Lust.

  • Well, no plan as of yet, but it's on the list.

  • Improve drawing skill.

  • A difficult task, but only because of time involved.

  • Improve flexibility.

  • Part of exercise, but notable enough for a spot on my list.

  • Find more friends.

  • No idea about that one...

  • Create more story boards for the nameless comic by Keely and me.

  • I've actually written the basic idea for the next handful of comics. Now it depends on whether or not Keelor feels like drawing any more of it.
  • Christmas Shopping.
    This weekend, I must!

  • Conquer internet browsing habits.

  • While more interesting than people, spending many hours with it makes me feel icky and I can't really talk with it. I can't hug it either.

  • Stop not doing homework.

  • I just… uurrgghh!

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