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Update, but not really.

I think I'm going to depart from my usual intellectual bombast and state merely of my happenstance:

-I am boooooorrrrred

In other considerations, I have been continuing my journey to improve my sesquipedality as well as my general understanding of the english language, not to mention unlocking the secrets of the universe. Of course, I also wouldn't mind getting laid on the side, but that's a terribly complex issue as what I am really searching for is a stable institution of love that sex would simply be a strong bonding point in. Well, the word "searching" would lead to a misconception as I'm truly drowning in my own passivity.

I might as well go eat some EmOs.

I think that this Thanksgiving weekend I will do some stuff. Stuff that will help me unwind after last week.
Yes, to the stuffening.
That is, if people can fucking stop reprehending my eating habits out of ignorance.
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