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Master these ways... then call me in the morning.

So, today I bought some food and some decent apple cider.

I decided right now that I'm not doing anything I actually want to be doing, though I don't know if I have the fortitude to do anything of what I want to actually be doing.
That is, I am doing quite a bit right now, and I'm supposed to be doing well in the things I'm already preoccupied with, so maybe I just have to wait until I'm done with all of this before I add more.

Then it also occurred to me that I'll never really be done with things I don't particularly want to do; ever.

Maybe to fit in what I want to do, I have to sort out my time in such a way that I can fit time in for other things. Then again, the mediocrity of an incredibly structured life also contradicts with one of the things I desire, which is time to cultivate myself. Perhaps I could just schedule that in my day, um, somewhere.
Well, maybe I could just try it for a while and see if it's more tiring.

Oh, I rethought masturbation a bit (concerning myself). I made the realization that -whatever- the repercussions are, they are far outweighed by the escape of libidinal slavery.

Anyway, Keelor's Victorian campaign started and it's going pretty well so far. I don't have much else to say about that, except maybe that I find myself often not knowing what to do in the campaign except follow Dave and his leadership/experience/audacity. Then again, everyone in the campaign knows a vast amount more about Victorian England than I do, and my English accent needs some work. Right then.

And I think I will stop obsessing about girls; right now.

Aha! The nation of femdom will no longer haunt my dreams or partake of my deepest fears. For I think my desire simply makes me suffer, and therefore I think I really should just stop. So says I.
I think I will take up drawing instead.
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